Thursday, September 10, 2009

I can show this

part of the angel, because that is the only part that is done right now.

Here is the head of the new Angel prop - we call her "Angel of death" or "Nuangel" - cause she is replacing the old angel who is now "Joan".

I hate mentioning that one because I so owe you all Joan pictures (and mostly Pumpkinbrain) pictures. I keep messing with it so it is not done yet. Bad frog queen!

Anyway. Here is the head of the nuangel from various angles.

First the evil side. This side is made from taking a Bucky skull cast from foam and cutting out the right quarter and inserting it onto a foam wig head, then covering the whole thing in monster mud to give it the same texture as the rest of the prop.

Her hair is made from paper towels and monster mud. The side with the skull face is down, yes, the evil side is letting her hair down....beware!

Next is a close up of the face. Now it has been driving me crazy that the face does not line up. And if I was better at papier mache, I would make this head without foam and eliminate this problem....that will be on the next version.

I am just going to have to go with the "not a lot of people will notice" theory that the crew and I keep telling ourselves :)

This next picture is of the back of the head on the "good" side. We put the hair up in a bun all nice an neat.

Here is a picture of the whole face and part of the neck. I took a cast of a very small skull with horns and placed it on her neck as sort of an evil necklace.....maybe someone put it on the statue and that is why it is changing.....maybe..... :)
Big thanks to Pumpkinrot for posting pictures (from the Davis House News blog) of this prop on his blog.


  1. Amazing! Can I come to your house for Halloween? :)

  2. well, i think it looks sensational! i don't see anything wrong with it at all. thank you for the compliment on my blog and the pill advice. i have bags of pill pockets and she laughs at them. she laughs at anything i attempt to do 'pill-wise'! i suspect that she smells these pills a mile away and just waits to see what crazy gimmick i come up with next.

  3. that is so cool! i want one! it must be so cool at your house at halloween...

  4. Of anything youve posted that I have seen Froggie, this is by far the best. It looks amazing, I love it!!

  5. She looks awesome! Her hair is amazing. Nobodies gonna notice, all artist see the flaws in their own work, you shouldn't worry shes incredible.


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