Thursday, September 10, 2009

So what is wrong with this


Nothing as far as husband was concerned.

But all of you can see it...right?

It is in your best interest to agree with the frog queen here. :D

It was driving me crazy that we made her legs too short. She looked like a warrior angel little person.....nothing wrong with that, just not what I wanted. Looks like she was standing there and the base was built around her just below the knees. (she is off the base in this picture.)

Luck would have it that we had a huge amount of help on Saturday and were able to get a few projects done ahead of schedule. That made the argument to husband that I really, really needed to

1) cut her at the based and add to her legs to make her taller. I would cut the fabric pools from the bottom and remud her.

2) keep her base as is and just cut into her and make her look like she is kneeling.

He hated both ideas.

"Why am I cutting up a perfectly good prop?"

" is..... "

"No one is going to notice"

"But I will"

"No, one is going to notice....I am NOT cutting up a perfectly good prop, she looks fine!"

Hummmm....I am not liking the way this conversation is we all know from previous posts....I do not like it when I don't get my way.

This was looking to be another one of those conversations. Once in a lifetime was enough, so I cheated. (bad frog queen)

"Fine, she can stay, but we have to move her to the back and we cannot take pictures of her complete. You can photographer her from the base up. That way no one will notice that she is disproportionate."

"No one is gong to notice!"

"They will in pictures! You know how we always notice the defects in our props in pictures? She goes to the back and no pictures."

"We did not spend that much time on the prop to put her in the back and not take pictures."

"Well, as evil artist director........" (and it worked)

Husband made a very unhappy face and said.....

"Fine, I am not making her taller, I don't think I can fortify the legs once they are cut, she will always be a bit wobbly....she will have to be kneeling."

"Works for me :)"

So the next morning, husband goes upstairs and grabs a leg off of one of the Bucky's and we figure where to place it.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"


He gets out a utility knife and starts cutting where the bone will go....all the while muttering -

"I cannot believe I am cutting up a perfectly good prop."

He works on it for a bit.....

"Great, I have to cut this leg up to make it fit......I cannot believe I am cutting up a perfectly good Bucky leg!"

I suddenly become very intent on painting another prop and didn't make eye contact :D

So here are the pictures of the repair work on the nuangel.

I had to build up the height of her bone leg with bubble wrap in order to get the angle right (so she bent at the hip and not mid thigh bone.) I then covered it with some sheets dipped in monster mud.

I created a new waist piece to hold the new leg drape in place.

We also cut out the back on the left side so that we could put some poultry wire there and make it look like a foot in the kneeling position.

I am happy, husband.....well, he had to admit that it looked much better.

He was still not happy.

He was nice and painted it for me yesterday.

He noticed that there was gap in the back where I put the new fabric for the foot. We needed to patch it, because it would be exposed to rain.

So while I was at it, I decided to make another change..... :)


  1. My story would have been cemetery vandals broke her legs off. :o P
    She is lovely.

  2. Oh yes, much, much better! She looked like Hank Hill's father on King of the Hill - no lower legs. I wonder what the other change is.....

  3. She's really fabulous. And I am JUST like you when it comes to insisting on it being done right. Perfectionism can be a double edged sword. But the hubby's knew this about us when they married us right! Have a great weekend! :o)

  4. All's well that ends well :) She looked great short or tall.

  5. She is beyond amazing. I guess being a perfectionist is why your stuff looks so great.It really pays off. Now I need to drum up air fare to come take a class.


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