Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Next time I am going to

ask. "By the way, do you plan on going on vacation soon?"

Twice now, when I have offered to help a fellow haunter with a project with one of my print vendors. :) ....

Wait, I hear you say, the Frog Queen help someone :) It could happen. I can be nice if I try VERY hard.

Anyway....both of the times that I have offered to help, the vendor I decide to use goes on vacation during the project!! No big deal, summer time is vacation time. Their wonderful staff can print me posters, and flyers and postcards all day long while they are on vacation....

but ask for a print of some one's haunt or some cool invitations..... we suddenly forget all our job skills.

Earlier this year it took me over a month.... over a month, to get three small poster prints to a fellow haunter... The ones in my house I got the same week I ordered them.

One of the hang ups was in the size of the I know the rumor goes that measuring size can be a problem for guys, :D but no matter how imaginative you are, a 11x14 poster is not 16x20 :D

I hold the poster, which is more of a "flyer" at this size, and think...what what? no way?

"we thought all the background was just extra space"

I stand there dumbfounded and at that moment sincerely understand the importance of "crop marks"

We eventually work things out and the prints are made. Thankfully the haunter was more than patient...more so than me actually :)

Recently I helped Carrie at Creepy Cupcakes with her wedding invitations. Everything went very, very smoothly - she is a absolute dream to work with.

Little did I know that the nightmare was coming from my end of the world.....the printers assistant had never cut invitations before...

I have to stop here for just a moment and ask - out loud . . . . . are not crop marks for the same purpose, regardless of size or paper . . . . you cut on the crop mark, right?

Okay, back to...

Let's just say that it must be harder than it looks because the order came to me almost unusable. Seriously, they look like they were cut with scissors by a 3rd grader....

...actually, I take that back . . . . . that is insulting 3rd graders....

Anyway, once again, I find am working with someone who has far more patience than me.....she has been more than understanding :)

The reprints of her stuff arrived today, hand delivered by the very apologetic owner and they are perfect, or very, very close....I guess there is some magic involved in paper cutting.

So, if I offer to do a favor for you and I say I will get back to you in a few days...I am checking to see if the vendor is going on vacation anytime soon before I commit to the project.

I don't think my nerves can take it anymore :D


  1. lol - I won't tell anyone, but you are absolutely, positively, downright, wonderfully nice. :) No matter what you say, I don't think it's such a challenge for you.

    I've appreciated the help, and the invitations are awesomely fun. Many are absolutely perfect!

    Besides, I'll just make sure any that are obviously lopsided go to "special" people -- like the aunt who is horrified at my wedding date/theme. I don't have much use for that kind of person's opinion anyway. ;)

  2. With scissors, I'm like a drunk 3rd grader. With a paper cutter? A sober 3rd grader.

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  4. It's been fun watching you two interact on the blogs, I can just imagine how funny and fun the emails and phone calls have been.


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