Thursday, September 3, 2009

You need this

for your collection. Actually, I really need this....but I am going to be nice and spread the word about my blog buddy Geoff over at ETMC.

Check out his blog and enter to win this Ash figure. Very cool, and so is his blog :)

Back to prop making :)


  1. Sure, the Ash figure is great, but I got a sweet little package of graveyard juice in the mail today!! Very excited, picture series to follow at ILHM!

  2. Cool, so glad you got it. The mail room had a interesting time trying to figure out how to mail bottles of soda. :) (might have delayed the shipment a few days :)

    Anyway, glad to hear it. That was a fun contest!!


  3. You know I have YET to see this movie... '-)

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    SpOOky CK (-:

  4. OMG I want one! I'm totally addicted by that movie!


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