Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He is under the cookie

dome because I am trying to save him from the cats!!

This is another of my latest Etsy purchase, from Pumpkin Hollow, made by the lovely Bean. I have had my eye on them for a while....I was looking for a green one to call my own.

See this pumpkin is in a completely different type of danger than the one I got from Shellhawk. Although this one is not as breakable, it has three distinctions that make it very susceptible to torture and later complete destruction from my cats.

1) It is round, although it has a stem and will stop, on occasion, it will not take more than a gentle swat from a paw to get it back on the road again....on the road that leads under the couch, or the fridge or the piano. And I will have to listen to 5 minutes of frantic pawing and endless stretching as two cats who think they have the bodies of kittens (that used to fit under the furniture) attempt to squeeze where it is not physically possible.

2) It is about the shape and weight of a cat toy. Uncannily so. I wonder if that was part of the creation process.....hold a pumpkin in one hand and fake mouse in the other...yeah that feels about right. She might be more evil than I thought....I like that. :)

3) Although it looks like a stem on the pumpkin to you and me....that is a chew toy to to house cats....anything organic is eaten. Don't know why...they are just cats, I quit asking a long time ago.

Here is a picture of it sitting the garden window in the kitchen, possibly his only unsupervised visit to that location he will ever make (he seemed to enjoy it, he is smiling)...because that is where the cats sit during the day. Putting him there would be like leaving him in the middle of the road. He is too cute for that.

So any of you haunt people that have spent most of your life on Mars - where rumor has it they do not celebrate Hallowen - and do not know the Pumpkin Hollow store (my new featured Etsy artist)...let me introduce you.....stop on over and pick up a pumpkin or a corpse...or both. It is Halloween time you know and you can never have enough of either in my book. :D

If you visit the shop, you will notice there is a paricular pumpkin that you can see by one of the pictures is in danger of being attacked by a spider...someone needs to save him before it is too late!! :D

Thanks Bean, his is too cute! I love him!



  1. My cat would just sit on it! Then look at me like "why are you making me uncomfortable?" since, of course, everything in his life is my fault! giggle

  2. Thanks so much for this review : )
    You're awesome.


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