Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dead or sleeping?

Mason (Dorie's brother) almost never gets any blog time. Cause he is a great cat that never gets into any trouble (well almost) most of the time, he looks like this.

If only I knew how to relax like that :)

Just reminds me that after this weekend I will not get much sleep...even with the security system in the yard...I still have nightmares of waking up and having everything gone. (shudder)


  1. What a cute kitty!

    Also, what fantastic decor!!!

  2. Maybe hes crossed the threshold but has found a way to come back to his earthly body??

  3. No one relaxes quite like a cat :D

  4. LoL! Great pic of the kitty!

    Love your couch =)

  5. Ha...he looks like he's been shot! I can't believe that people would steal other people's Halloween Decorations. That's just lower than low in my book!


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