Friday, September 25, 2009

Does it look

like a church yet? Here is the scaffolding for the church. We had to redesign the scaffolding to make it safer so we decided to put it up this past weekend so that it was up and ready to use for this weekend when the big set-up happens.

The is the frame that the 24 panels that make up the church facade attach to. The frame is attached to the eaves and the frame for both garage doors.

We have reinforced all the wood that holds up the aluminum catwalk area. We are going to put a wood railing or chain around the inside to make it less open for the crew during the installation. It needs to be something that can be easily removed when the panels are up. We should have it up on Friday or Saturday - I will take more pictures.

The madness is starting :)


  1. Certainly getting closer, but might need a liiitttttle more dressing for the churchiness to come through. The countdown begins, Froggie!!

  2. I think you need to come to my place (after Halloween) and convince Mr. ShellHawk that we really need a facade on the house next year.
    Maybe you'll have better luck than I...

  3. ShellHawk - I am there for you....I will update you on my travel plans :)

  4. Not feeling the spirituality yet but I have "faith" in the end result. Heheheheh. I crack myself up! :D


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