Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Behind the scenes

As Grim mentioned this is inspired by the Grimvisions burlap scarecrow head.

Not sure how he did his, but I just used a 3/4 foam Bucky head (I had to cut off the back because due to a pouring mishap...the skull originally looked like the head of an Alien - cool, but not what I wanted to for this prop.) I then took a piece of burlap and some 90 second epoxy (I have to use something that can hold up to the rain) and pushed the fabric into the crevices with a popsicle stick. and held them there until they dried. I then drilled a 1/2 hole in the bottom of the head to attach it to the base.

I made the body out of a 1x3 in the shape of a "T" and covered it with a bit of bubble wrap, I wanted him to be thin, so I did not use much padding. The I attached a 1/2 piece of PVC for the head to attach to. Got a shirt and overalls from the thrift store and dressed him.

Then for the feet and hands I used those cheap decorated brooms from the dollar store (removed the cute) and cut them way down. Not only does this offer straw for the arms, but the shape of the broom shoved up the sleeve helps give his arms weight.

Not pictured - We then air brushed the crevices in the skull with airbrush paint and then took some twine and sewed in the mouth form. I have stuffed the body with straw and tattered the burlap around the neck.
He is in the garden with my skeleton in the pumpkin patch. I have him attached to the frame with screws and zip ties.

I will go out over the next few nights (at dusk) and age him with some watered down black and brown paint in spray bottles. I have a small skull, the same as the necklace that the skeletal angel is wearing to pin on his overalls....a bit of tie in to the back-story.

When he is done this weekend, I will take more pictures.


  1. Hi,

    Carrie from Creepy Cupcakes recommended your blog. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi.

    I love the scarecrow, he hits just the right "Eek evil thing in the corn" buttons for me.

  2. Do you sleep?---lol!!

  3. I love it. Thanks for the pictures and ideas. I will try to work on mine this weekend.

  4. He looks wonderful. Great idea using the brooms for arms/hands and feet.

  5. good GRIEF that is a scary thing!

  6. I've always had this nightmare about a scarecrow just like this... but his mouth was sewn shut with big stiches! yikes


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