Monday, September 28, 2009

What are the odds?

So I come home early to work in the yard before the rains. I need to trade out one fake crow with another. I pull the old crow off the prop, attach the new crow. I grab the can of black spray paint to touch up the feathers and start spraying.

I turn the crow over and guess what is where his eye should be.

Yep, a spider, a frigin spider! I threw the crow on the ground, shook my hand and did my little "Ew, I just touched a spider" dance.

Picked the crow back up expecting his eye to be gone, consumed by the real and plastic-eye-eating-evil-mutant-monster-spiders that have in inhabited my yard.

But no, the eye was still there. The spider long gone...likely on his way over to terrorize our gravedigger.

I gotta call the exterminator :D


  1. Spiders are good in that they eat other pest bugs, but the are icky and freaky too!

  2. I know, I would never REALLY call and exterminator (I know that spiders are good)....but sometimes!! :D


  3. I love to hear about your battles with spiders.
    One day, I was in the (bug infested) basement in my old house, and I was about to put some laundry in the washing machine. I open up the washing machine and there's a giant spider on the middle spinny thing. So I turn the water on and scoop him out, put him down the drain.
    I return to my task of putting clothes in the washing machine and out from under the drier comes this HUGE centipede, coming right at me! I find an old toy from when I was like 6 and crush it.
    It was the most epic bug battle ever. I had about 7 heart attacks in the span of 50 seconds.

  4. oh the spider dance... not to be mistaken by the pee pee dance... then the sudden composure and frantically looking around to see if anyone was watching... got to love it.

  5. Just to freak you out -- we have a friend who is an exterminator, and he tells us that spiders are almost impossible to get rid of. It's because their bodies don't drag the ground like most bugs, and they eat what lands in their webbiness - so they are hard to poison.

    Happy Haunting!

    I'm evil today.

  6. Sorry about your real-life recreations of "Arachnophobia"!

    Polite spiders would hide better when you are near.

  7. Atomic Fox - that would completely creep me out and I would not be able to go into the basement without a flamethrower for at least a week!!

    Carrie Mae - I hear you! My exterminator said the same thing!! Much to my dismay :(

    Max - polite spiders! Yeah, I want more of those!

    Cheers everyone!

  8. I really hate spiders as well. I was cleaning out my mud boots to put on a prop and I saw a spider with a big brown speckled thorax. I jumped up and ran away.


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