Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Yeah, I agree

that draped fabric arm looks great." - says one of my favorite minions (ever).

I respond with "Yeah, it is almost perfect, I wish I would have done one extra thing."

"What is that?" she says

"Well, you see the arm with the sword? I think that should have some drapey tattered fabric instead of what it has now."

"So why don't you do that?"

"I think I will!"

So, she was not here for the part of the conversation when I promised husband I would "leave the frickin angel alone" :) So she does not know the danger this could put me in. :D

I'm not worried...husband is busy with his posse making the bushes in the front yard rattle.

I am temporarily invisible.

We go ahead and make the last adjustment...or is it? :) on the angel and drape fabric over her arm and cut it to look tattered. Not perfect. I will likely change it next year. But it is better.

One problem, there is a place where the fabric is not sticking....I need a staple or something.

Off into the shop I go....because I temporarily lost my mind.

Husband asks "What you looking for?"

The mind-free frog queen answers "Stapler."

"For what?"

Stupidly frog queen answers, "To fix some fabric on the angel." Big smile

"What have you done to the angel."

Now, suddenly, out of thin air, my sanity shows up, and tries to dig myself out of this mess.

"Ah, well, you see there is this....and it won't....and I .....(in my most defensive voice) I just need a stapler!"

Wow, that went well :D

Husband is sure the stapler will not work......."Show me what you are trying to do..."

So we walk over there and I tell him what I am trying to do. Why don't you just push the pieces of fabric together here?"

Just as I am about to say "tried that didn't work" the fabric magically sticks to itself.

You have got to be!

At this time sanity, sees something scary taking shape in the patio and runs for cover.

So insane frog queen, takes advantage of the situation and steps up and asks a question.....

"While you are over there casting....can you make me a small skull for the front of this accent?"

Sanity, who is a few yards away by now yells over her shoulder....."you might want to spice that request up a bit....or you are going to sleep on the couch :D "

Oh yeah, big smile and a peck on the cheek I say "Please, can you cast me a tiny small skull?"


I get a small skull and he even sanded out the middle of it so it fit flat. A little glue and a bit more paint and.....we are done with the angel for 2009.

I promise honey, really I do.

Besides, there is a big-ass spider taking shape in the patio that is totally distracting me.


  1. that angel is sooo awesome! I am going to learn how to do that, I read about monster mud, I just have no idea where you get burlap. Where do you buy your skeletons, the ones I've looked at are expensive, even the 4th quality buckys.

  2. This one is for the Manes graveyard, right???

  3. I just shown your work to my wife. She likes your angel very much. And me too!

  4. Just when I thought the angel couldn't look any more amazing, you make another awesome adjustment =)

  5. DO NOT TOUCH THE ANGEL anymore this year!

  6. LOL! Carl...sure, come right over and pick it up.

    Husband...I promise to leave it alone...maybe just a little lighter paint on the base. :D


  7. The angel is absolutely awesome! Its always nice to know there are more of us out there who just can't leave well enough alone until its perfect ;) because otherwise its not 'well enough' is it?

  8. I really do love that addition of the skeleton leg.

    It looks fantastic.


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