Friday, September 25, 2009

So I can have

a graveyard all year long. That was its original intent. Then I remembered where it is I work :(

For months this silly easter tree thing was sitting in the free pile at my day, the evil could no longer be held back.

I snatched it up and took it home. I carried it under my arm.....looking over my shoulder at the security cameras....trying not to look too guilty :)

Armed with paint and a few a Halloween party favors....I made it my own. *evil laugh, cause the frog queen knows no other :)*

A few plastic bats, skeleton, tombstones and moss....and it is PERFECT! Such an my humble opinion.

I cannot take it back to work...I would get written up.......again.....I will likely give it to one of my minions that told me she really liked it and the it would look good on her desk at work. Sad, but I rather see it in a good home than it be ridiculed by my workmates :(

I guess I can live vicariously through a friend that has a much more lenient HR policy :)


  1. I love it :)

    Wow. Written up for taking something from the free pile? Intense workplace!

    And glancing over your shoulder at the cameras . . . always a foolproof way to look innocent. Good work :D

  2. A most definite improvement. It should certainly grace someone's desk! Have a great weekend

  3. um, i want this! make me one lol

  4. That's absolutely perfect; one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

    You need to work where I work -- my cubicle is (was, it got a bit destructed when I moved to be away from someone who talked to herself) themed after a cabinet of curiosities. With a playful twist, of course -- I work for the kiddies, you know! Anyway whatever the point being you should work someplace that appreciates your Halloween Tree. :)


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