Saturday, September 19, 2009

What is it?

Not sure exactly....but it is based on a monument I saw in a graveyard in Scotland. The original was twice this size, but then that graveyard was at least twice the size of my yard so I figure I am going for scale. :)

I put the urn it as a lark, but it looks good, so I am leaving it there.

It comes apart into three pieces for easy storage. I have no idea where it is going in the yard, we will find out next weekend during set up.


  1. I like that, looks great! I see a nice "watcher" prop in the background too!

  2. The watcher is actually form one of our classes. We taught two mudmen making classes this summer!!

    I already have nine of them in the shop :)


  3. This monument is looking good! Nice work!


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