Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess what I am up to today?

My spider is very hungry :D


  1. That part freaked me out when i was a kid. i saw a bunch of slashers and gross stuff in movies when i was a kid but that clip still bothers me.

    it's pretty laughable now. i guess what bothered me was the spider is coming and Price and that other guy just stare. They don't help. why not just pluck the spider away and save the guy. then the spider gets him and that guy was still late with the rock.

    what a couple of slow pokes. sheesh.

  2. I hear ya, creeped me out. Waiting so long to smash him is still hard to watch.

    So I am making a fly/man for my spider to coocoon :) If I get my way, he will even say "help me, help me!"


  3. Ohh that will be too awesome, you have to be sure to get that sound clip =D


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