Thursday, September 10, 2009

I "got moss"

Yeah! Thanks to the Captain for his great contribution to the 2009 Davis Graveyard display!

He did a fantastic job of packaging this one. I do not believe he could have gotten another strand of moss in the box if he had to. Very nice people!!

I know that it looks like a lot of moss, but I go through about three times that much in a other blog buddy at Full Moon Industries is collecting me some too!! I love my blog friends!!

I had to LOL the other day when he sent me a follow up email to see if I got it....because, well, lets just say that a big box full of "greenery" could be awfully suspicious! :D

Thanks again Captain!!


  1. LOL, you’re more than welcome. I was kind of paranoid about shipping what is basically live plants across state lines, and then Carrie Mae hits me with the whole red bug “thing”. So now I'm worried that I may be accidentally introducing a pest insect to the state of Oregon! But I did a little pest control on the moss and I felt pretty safe it would be OK. You guys aren't itchy are you?

    I actually had to squish and lay on the bag in order to get it small enough to fit in the box. If someone was to see me as I was packing it up, they could have easily confused it as a scene from Miami Vice. ;)

  2. LOL!!! Captain.....I am just laughing picturing you sitting on the box!!!

    No itches....all my friends from the south want to thank you for not introducing them to chiggers....or whatever they are called again...apparently they did no miss them :D

    I cannot tell you enough how much this helps!! You are the best!!!


  3. I believe I've got some spanish moss growing around here. If you end up needing more, you should let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

  4. I just emailed Chris about the moss delivery delay; not to fret I promise moss is on the way!


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