Saturday, September 12, 2009

John has a great sense

of humor.....

If you read the new Haunted Attraction magazine and besides reading our marvelous article you read the editors section you might have noticed that Leonard called us Chris and Greg Davis.

Obviously we do not know Leonard as well as we thought we did :D

After a few emails on a project that Husband and I are scheming with him, we we talked about the mix up. We all laughed....I do print all the time....things happen. No big deal..

Anyway, John, very nicely sent us a few extra copies of the magazine and to be funny, this is how he addressed the package. :D

I promise to ask Leonard WTF? when I see him at Hauntcon in Florida in May :)

That reminds me. Just a few more days to enter to win your subscription to Haunted Attraction Magazine. Help me promote this great magazine to home haunters.


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