Friday, September 4, 2009

What I really wanted

is an angel from the Dr. Who episode called Blink.

Been pining over that angel ever since I saw the episode. So we are on a long quest to make me one of those. Someday.....
Well, since I know not the skills to make that one today. (those flesh arms are where I run into a problem.) I decided to do a half angel/half skeleton version inspired by the Angels & Demons movie.
Here is the progress so far.
Half of her head is from a foam skeleton cast, she has a Bart arm and a Bucky foot. The other half is foam and a cast regular hand.
We made the body out of poultry wire on a wooden frame. I then took foam and bubble wrap and covered all the places where the fabric would lay to keep the wire frame from showing through.
My new buddy Mike carved some wings for us. The first one is this one, a normal looking wing. Not bad for white foam, with the monster mud on it, it looks a lot like carved stone.

He also carved a wing that looked a bit worn, I think melted is what we were going for. If you remember my post from a week or so back, I put a few bones in the wing and added a bit of expanding foam. Husband was a dear and dremeled out the excess one day for me while I was at work.

Last weekend Elyssa came over and helped me mud her dress. We used recycled sheets to create the dress and arms. We had to tie the wet mudded arm up to the body until it dried a few days later so that we could apply the hand that we cast.

Here is a picture of the mudded body with both wings attached so we could get an idea of what she will look like.

Elyssa made curly bits of hair with paper towels, similar to what I did with Houdini. One side if down and flowing, and the other side is up and in a bun (which you can only see from the back) but trust me it is cool. I will post lots of pictures on the finished prop.

We then coated all the foam surfaces with a thin coat of mud so that everything has the same texture.

Here is a close up of the head with the hair.

She is kinda creepy, huh?

We had a small bit on her neck that did not cover well, so I asked husband to cast me a small skull as sort of an amulet. So here is a little skull with devil horns. I sanded down the back of it and attached it with some polyurethanes construction glue. Perfect!!

Toph is working on carving her a sword out of pink foam. We are going to permanently attach it to the hand and just have the hand and sword come off for storage. He is working on that this weekend.

I love her. Husband has since painted her and a few other monuments with a black base coat. She looks very evil all she has been in a fire or something....

I will post pictures of that tonight.


  1. She is coming along very well! She looked great last night...

    By the way, what were you doing up at 3:05 am?

  2. Yeah, having trouble sleeping lately....I am very tired right now though :)


  3. Blink is side by side with the Girl in the Fireplace for favorite episodes. Check out this gal who made a Blink Angel costume!

  4. very creepy that close up of the face. Outstanding job!

    keep up the great work.

  5. Great work! So creepily cool!

    Put some sleeves on the Dr. Who Angel and no one will see the arms...

  6. Old Fashioned Halloween - Thanks! That is a great link. What an amzing costume!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    She is almost done, more pictures comming soon.


  7. Love love LOVE the two faced aspect. Really beautiful. Can't wait for more pics!

    So when I finally decide to do a proper yard haunt, you're coming to my house in the summer to help out, right? ;)

  8. Deal :) Might want to bring a minion or two. I'll provide room, board, tour guide services of the city, and all the paper mache resources a person could want.

  9. This one is coming sooo nicely. This angel will look very cool in your graveyard!


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