Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I am in

my own private horror movie.

Today, the whole department is empty. In fact this whole side of the building is all but abandoned.

Since almost everyone moved to the new the building, the once busy halls and offices are barren and quiet. To conserve energy, only the emergency lights illuminate the halls, leaving it virtually dark and full of shadows. Outside it is stormy, you can hear the rain falling and the clicking of crows landing as they attempt to catch purchase in the rain on the slippery skylight.

The ghosts outlines of old picture frames stare back at me as I walk the empty hall to the restroom. The cooling unit of the now unused water fountain comes to life making me jump into a mountain of abandon bookshelves and file cabinets that make an unnatural stair case into the ceiling tiles.

As I enter the empty bathroom with the flickering fluorescent light reflecting eerily off the mirrors and tiled walls. I turn, expecting the killer to jump through the doorway. I imagine my blood all over the walls , running down the drain conveniently located in the center of the floor. There is no one to hear me scream. I passed a security camera on the way here and hope it is working so there is some record of my last moments on this earth.

Just another day at the office.

Man, I have been watching way too many horror movies! :D


  1. Old quote from the Dick Van Dyke Show, when he found himself alone in his office building on a stormy night......"Like being the last living cell in a dead body". (shutters)

  2. Time to get out the video camera and start filming, you might have the next 28 Days Later!

  3. That was an exciting little read, very nice.

  4. LOL! Thanks guys. Yesterday when the lights started flickering in the restroom I got a differnt perspective of my mostly abandoned office.....I felt like I was in a horror movie for a momment.

    The frog queen would fancy herself a writer someday - not a good one, just a writer :)



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