Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is that hearse real?

We get that question a lot....here is proof that it is, in fact, make mostly of pink foam :)

Here is the assembly process., it is a bit complicated (cause we can't do anything the easy way)...it went the same way it does every year....it is put together once...and then husband comes over and tells everyone that it is wrong.

They argue....but how?

He points it out.

We all go "Ah, yeah, now we see it."

We all look at each other and say..."we really don't want to take this apart and start over"

We do...and we put it together right this time..... :)

We just put it on the frame wrong this time......and we thought we were doing so good because we did not put it together backwards like we did last year. :D

Well it is up now, just need to wire new lights in the lanterns (we have an improved idea for this year) and we are done. After the driver was stolen a few years ago, the current driver only comes out on the weekends.


  1. I never would have imagined that it was mostly made of foam. Amazing and beautiful.

  2. You guys are so creative! That's one of my favorite things I've seen pictured in your yard haunt (which, for the record... most of it is my favorite... every picture makes me giddy).

    And that news story... some people. Gosh.

  3. Okay...first...WOW! INCREDIBLE! Secondly...WOW! THAT SUCKS FIGS! I just can't get over someone doing something like that! Everything looks fantastic. And the Carriage is GREAT! Thanks for sharing that! You guys rock! :o)


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