Saturday, September 5, 2009

If I have to explain

this monument one more time!!! :D

Seriously, this is a simple piece for the yard. I call it the Bowler....cause it holds a bowl. In my mind it is a sacrificial bowl....this is a graveyard in cursed church after all!?!?! Where you not paying attention to the back story....cause if you hang out in the yard, you will....that talking head will say it about every 10 minutes.....I know it by heart......not by choice.

I think it curse.......

Sorry.....I got lost there for a moment.

I have built a lot of props and am used to getting a full range of suggestions and on good days; compliments.

But this, everyone has an opinion, and I thought it was simple!!!

It is - a monument that holds a bowl.

What is it full of?


Glowy, foggy goodness from another realm?




Glow in the dark alien ooze?


A gateway to fellow haunters to help me build my props?

No, it is Portland, Oregon....likely just a sh*t load of rain.

And if I leave it out for more than a week and we all sit real still .... likely it will grow moss. :)

That is why I drilled holes in the bottom. (So now, on most days it will be more of a reverse fountian...thank you mother nature.) is just a monument holding a bowl. No back story yet.....except the sacrificial bowl will likely hold to blood of the next person that tells me what I should do with it :D

Just kidding....the frog queen is a big kidder.......seriously :D Don't call the cops....they know me anyway.....they will just think it is all a joke..... :D

I have to say......It is very cool that everyone that sees this one has an opinion. I don't know the reason, but it is an interesting people/haunters perception of what this is. We (you) have the best imaginations!

If I had my would be filled with gold coins....and it would refill itself every time I emptied it.

Yes, I love Halloween, and blood, is a good choice.....but think of what I could do with all that money!!! maaawwwhhhaaahhhhaaa!

With my freeze ray I would.....oops, listened to too much Dr. Horrible while prop building today :D

Anyway. Here are pictures of how it came together.

First I put bubble wrap on the frame for the areas that the fabric would touch to make sure that the wire did not show through.

Then I measured out the sheets to make sure they would fit.

Simple poultry frame covered with sheets soaked in monster mud and some some fake hands from Ghost Ride productions. The FANTASTIC guys that helped us sponsor the Haunters Video awards (remember boys and girls to film or take pictures of you haunt!!!! :)

I used a piece of decorative accent to give the waist some definition....likely no one will see this....but I think it gives the statue more of a waist line.

Here it is without the bowl, BTW - where the *&%! is the bowl....I will find it and a paint it. More pictures tomorrow!


  1. Looks good! Just one question: what's in the bowl? ;)

  2. Re: Dr. Horrible...
    I was dreaming, "Brand New Day," just last night.
    Yeah, I'm a funny guy...

  3. Totally cool. I've lived in Portland so I know hoping for no rain is useless. The moss might be a nice touch however.

  4. halloween spirit - LOL! That was GOOD :D


  5. Ok, my opinion is (sounds of repetitive percussive blows followed by digging, a thump, and earth being tamped back into place...)


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