Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"What ARE you doing?!!"

"Ah, I thought while I was.....repairing the......"

"Leave the frickin angel ALONE!"

"Sure, right after I fix this one thing......" :D

In case any of you were looking for a lesson on how to get a divorce, here is how I almost succeed :D

While I was doing, the last, actually, let's just say "a" repair on the angel I thought I would do something about the left arm, cause as my friend Toph said best, it looks like a noodle....hum, now wonder I have been craving Pad Thai all day!

Anyway, so while husband's back is turned I pop open the tub of monster mud and grab a spare piece of sheet. I know I will not have much time before he notices what I am doing, so I am just hoping this piece I have laying around will be the right size...cause this is my only chance.

I know that if this does not go well, I am sleeping on the couch...or getting divorce papers. This late in the season, it is anyone's guess. :)

I see that he is busy working on one of the animated skulls, so I take this opportunity to dip it in the mud and quickly drape it over the noodle arm.....it fits perfectly...the Halloween gods are on my side tonight!!! Now it looks more like a draping sleeve....than a noodle :)

See look at these two pictures, does not the draped fabric arm look much better!

Once again, it is a good idea to agree with the frog queen on this one :D

Even after his protesting......husband even admits that it looks better....but he lets me know that that is, in fact, the last change I am making on the angel.

WhooHoo!! I am done! And, I am still married....that was close

.....at least that is what I thought......until the next day when I was checking it out and realized....just ......one.....more....thing......

How am I going to make that happen and not have to sleep on the couch? The adventure continues tomorrow........


  1. It looks fantastic! So glad you aren't divorced. ;)

  2. *Cracking up* You are too funny! The new arm looks GREAT! Not that it didn't look good before. Beautifully done =)

  3. LOL go get it girl!!! perfection is worth sleeping on the sofa for!!!

  4. LOL! Glad to see you are still married and I know it is not wise to disagree with the Frog Queen...ever!

  5. She looks great! It's a good thing you are still married.


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